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This is my favourite quote ever!

This is my favourite quote ever!

I am on day 11 on the Insanity program and I can already feel the results. I highly recommend it to anyone, however it is NOT for beginners and you should consult a doctor before you start (I did not). It really pushes you if you keep going and makes you sweat. You can feel the fat burning its great since just doing cardio and weight lifting wasn’t cutting it for me. You follow a meal guide and eat 5 small meals a day which is much better for you than 3 big ones, helps you to feel satisfied throughout the whole day. The nutrition calculator shows you how many calories a day you NEED to intake to lose weight, gain muscle and have energy for each workout. 

I need 2,000 calories a day which is 400 per meal. I find if I skip meals I can’t get through a workout because I’m so tired and drained but I am losing weight. That’s the thing with these “thinspo” accounts they tell you to eat less than 1,000 calories and exercise too much, if you aren’t getting the proper nutrition you are going to get bad cravings, not lose weight, have health problems. I am NOT this, I encourage healthy eating and proper exercise. Losing weight isn’t a fad, it should be a lifestyle change and that’s what I am going to accomplish.

If you want to learn more about Insanity or other Beach Body workouts visit the source.